Watin & Manluluyo

“I’ve been biking for as long as I can remember. I got my first kiddie bike with training wheels when I was a toddler and learned to ride a bigger bike (without the training wheels) in kindergarten. I got my first mountain bike when I was 7, but I went on biking hiatus when the bike broke a couple of years after that. I got my enthusiasm for biking from my dad (who is also a bit of a biker and a humble historian) and from there the love for biking and Cebu grew much bigger. I feel like a young child on the loose when I’m biking—and it’s a heady feeling, like I’m on top of the world. When I’m not riding, I move around UP, helping out in different school-based organizations like the Union of Progressive Students (UPS), UP Tao Brotherhood and Sisterhood, and TINTA-UP Cebu to name a couple. I’m also very much into doing graphic design, photography, and photo editing. And when I still have some free time left, I use it up by singing a lot, cooking, writing and reading short stories, and watching romantic films about old people.”

Daryl Mishka Watin is a Fourth Year BA Psychology student in the University of the Philippines Cebu. She is one of the founders of Psychology Volunteers on Bikes.

“I started to bike at around the age of 3 and even got my first best friend through biking. What makes it comical is that I learned to bike in a place where there are hardly any flat spaces to bike on, and my mother constantly worried over my safety. I stopped using training wheels when I was 6 and had my first major accident at the age of 8 which caused me to stop biking for 7 years. I love hearing the wind when I bike, feeling it whip against my face and breathing in Cebu’s air whether it be polluted or not. Being on wheels without using gasoline makes me feel proud in the realization that I am not just helping the environment but also advocating for a better, more livable Cebu. I love taking photographs (especially using film) on and off the road, and in my spare time (when I ever get some), I write FanFictions; read and collect books; engage in sports and musical instruments; and sleep.”

Monica Gloria Manluluyo is a Second Year BA Psychology student in the University of the Philippines Cebu and is the Volunteer Coordinator of Psychology Volunteers on Bikes. You can find a bit of her words at monicawrites.tumblr.com