Kamagayan Green Zone

Kamagayan Green Zone (KGZ) is an urban Permaculture development site right in the heart of Cebu City. KGZ is an ideal place to grow various fruits and vegetables without having to leave the confines of the city. Since its completion in 2012, KGZ’s organic garden has grown upo (calabash), corn, cayenne pepper and tomatoes among others.

Katunggan Permaculture Adventure Farm

Katunggan Permaculture Adventure Farm (or KPAF) is in Bacsije, Carcar; two-hours away from the city of Cebu. Katunggan is the generic bisaya term for ‘mangroves’ – which are grown in the area – and KPAF serves as a place where people get the chance to meditate, learn lifeskills, and improve their interpersonal and intrapersonal relationships,…