Tagbanua Trail

The Psychology Volunteers on Bikes, represented by its core members Daryl Mishka Watin, Monica Manluluyo and Edna Lee went to Calamianes Islands in Palawan to witness the Sustainability efforts of Permaculture Partner, Saragpunta and the work that they do with the indigenous Tagbanua People.

  Maquinit  Bulungan     Calachuchi    Hidden Lagoons    Kayangan
Maquinit Hot Springs   Bulungan Beach      Calachuchi Coral Eden    Hidden Lagoons         Kayangan Lake


  Twin Peaks Reef  CYC  Malcapuya  Banana Island  Bulog
   Twin Peaks Reef         CYC Island         Malcapuya Island       Banana Island             Isla Bulog

  Kingfisher      Sangat     Bike   Saragpunta  Tending
    Kingfisher Park      Sangat Island Reserve   Payong Bike Rental        Saragpunta           Tending School