Vision, Mission, & Core Values


“Pedaling towards Sustainability”: Cebu’s All-Women Environmental and Cultural Conservation Psychology Volunteers on Bikes

We are an All Women Psychology Volunteers on Bikes based in Cebu who are working for Environmental and Cultural Conservation through the application of the principles and concepts of Psychology on a community level. Our goal is to transform our learning in Psychology to address the major problems in our local community, through these core competencies: (1) psychological assessment, (2) psychological diagnosis, (3) psychological consultation & education, (4) program development, and (5) psychological intervention.


“To enlighten, empower, and engage the community to secure a healthy, sustainable, and egalitarian society.”

We seek to enlighten the public by developing programs that promote biological, psychological and social health in order to make a sustainable city. We aim to empower them by educating them of the local, national, and global laws that govern their human rights. We ultimately aim to engage them to join and sustain these programs in their local communities.


1. Ethics of Care: Care for the Planet, Care for the People, and Care for the Future

2. Integrity

3. Passion

4. Commitment

5. Dynamism