The Gift: Bricks

The Psychology Volunteers on Bikes continue to accept the gift of bricks  for sharing with a  local school or day care in Cebu. Check out your children’s toys and kids nooks for these toys that you may share with our deserving institutional partners.

Toy bricks were originally made popular by Lego and Duplo. These toys are great educational tools for promoting creativity, mathematical ability, fine motor skills, storytelling and a host of other skills.


They were initially very expensive  and was accessible only to children from wealthy families. However, with the arrival of Australian and U.S. surplus shops the supply  is now abundant and the pricing affordable. Also, with the availability of the Balikbayan box service, family members living abroad can now easily send used  and pre-loved toys to the Philippines. Furthermore, with ebay selling pre-loved items, toy bricks used in team building events are can now be purchased online. Lastly, with the manufacture of toy bricks by Chinese brands and companies, the toy bricks are now very cheap.

So, there you have it friends, there are now many sources of affordable toy bricks. Let us know when you want us to pick up your bricks, or we can also go with you and go brick hunting at local U.S./ american surplus stores where you can surely find toy bricks. How fun!!!