The Gift: Bikes

The Psychology Volunteers on Bikes continue to accept the gift of a bicycle for sharing to local Cebuanos. Check out your garage and homes for spare and unused bicycles. We will find a deserving student, entrepreneur or commuter that can benefit from this alternative form of transportation. We accept any kind of bike: kiddie, folding, banana, bmx, cruiser, mama chary, road, mountain, vintage, touring. You name it, we will find someone who will treasure it. We accept bikes in any condition- we have a team of bike mechanic volunteers who are willing to repair it. We also accept bike parts and accessories. Thank you, just contact us thru this blog.10606444_310389179166602_287187634452343481_n

This was the first bike that we received from an elderly  barber, named Lorenzo who is a bike commuter in Cebu. He was rding his bike near the office of the Psychology Volunteers on Bikes when his bike literally fell apart. We coincidentally were out on the street and saw him so we offered to fix his bike. Since his bike was difficult to repair on the spot, we traded him with a new bike. So, really he was the giver and the recipient at the same time. Nong Lorenzo is our inspiration behind the Bicycle Gift.10547631_310389762499877_9108365998486342758_n