Hunat Sugbo Team Refuge

Hunat Sugbo’s first softball team is Team Refuge. The team is made up of 16 players – girls aged 12-18 and 2 houseparents. We have a monthly softball clinic at different parks and playgrounds in Cebu. During each softball clinic, we start off with warm-up exercises, then jogging around the field. We then pair up the girls and teach them how to throw and catch.  The pitchers and the catchers practice their drills before the game. We then divide the girls into two teams, each led by their houseparent and coached by a volunteer mentor. We play a game of  three innings.

After the game we have a sharing of how the game was played. The volunteer mentors are then given the chance to share something about themselves and their work. The girls are very curious about different professions as they are excited about their future and want to prepare for it.15178191_10154127511614856_3296357375939448416_n