Hunat Sugbo at the Redemptorist Church Grounds

Hunat Sugbo: Batting for Resilience (Its time for parks and playgrounds in Cebu), a softball mentoring program of the The Psychology Volunteers on Bikes (PsychVols), holds  its  softball / tee-ball mentoring clinic for Team Redemption  at the Redemptorist Church Grounds 

Featured Playing Field: The Redemptorist Church Grounds

The Redemptorist Church Grounds is one of the few urban green lungs in Cebu. It has eucalyptus, mahogany, narra, accacia trees. There a patches of green spaces within the grounds. The green areas are open when there are masses. Otherwise, the gates are locked and you need special permission to use the spaces. You can contact Fr. Cris or Fr. Jerry, the Parish Priest and the Assistant Parish Priest respectively.

Hunat Sugbo Team Redemption plays at the Redemptorist grounds with the permission of Fr. Jerry. We play tee ball with kids starting at 3 years old. We teach them how to catch and throw and how to bat using a batting tee. We use a wiffle ball to avoid any injury to the kids and destruction of property at the Redemptorist Church and grounds. Our players can start at 10 kids to as many as 40 kids. The players come and go but we are always busy playing and coaching the regulars. Fun!