Hunat Sugbo at the Boy Scout Camp, Capitol Hills


Hunat Sugbo: Batting for Resilience (Its time for parks and playgrounds in Cebu), a softball mentoring program of the The Psychology Volunteers on Bikes (PsychVols), had its second softball mentoring clinic for Team Refuge at the Boy Scout Camp of the Philippines.

Featured Playing Field: The Amphitheater at the Boy Scouts of the Philippines, Capitol Hills, Cebu City

Entrance fee is P20 per person. You need to call their office first to book then go there to pay for the booking to make sure you get the place reserved. They usually have concerts and camping events, so make sure you book in advance. There are very few open spaces in Cebu available to the public for recreation. The BSP Camp is one of the remaining and affordable green spaces in Cebu. The location is off the public transportation path. You will need to bring your own private car, ride a habal-habal motorcylce, take a taxi or rent a van to get to the Capitol Hills area. Access to the BSP Camp is through the public roads in OPRA. If you are a resident of the Beverly Hills village, then you have a shorter route to the camp, via the village.dscf9550


We played at the camp’s amphitheater. It has an open area in the middle and is surrounded by a thick mahogany forest. Its a nice place to practice because the area gets shaded from the hot afternoon sun. The afternoon was initially sunny and then the rain started pouring. Good thing there is a small roofed stage where we were able to take shelter and let the rain pass. Then it was sunny again. So, we went on with our business- throwing and catching practice, then we played three innings of softball.




Mia Jane Miguel Lora, BA Psychology, a 2014 graduate of the Psychology program at the University of the Philippines Cebu was the softball mentor for the second softball clinic. We were joined by her friend Meryl Lyn Roa, BA Mass Communications, a 2013 graduate of the at the University of the Philippines Cebu. She celebrated her birthday with our players with food, drinks, softball and career sharing.The players chatted and interviewed our mentors who are both working as writers and copy editors for an international publishing company  in Cebu. Our coaches not only mentor the players in softball but also serve as resource persons for information and inspiration for  future career options.