Hunat Sugbo at KPAF: Katunggan Permaculture Adventure Farm, Carcar, Cebu

Hunat Sugbo: Batting for Resilience (Its time for parks and playgrounds in Cebu), a softball mentoring program of the The Psychology Volunteers on Bikes (PsychVols), has its first softball mentoring clinic for Team Refuge at KPAF: Katunggan Permaculture Adventure Farm.

Featured Playing Field: KPAF Katunggan Permaculture Adventure Farm

Katunggan Permaculture Adventure Farm (KPAF) is a nature sanctuary that is supported by the Stewardship Program of  A Trio of Permaculture Inspired Hotels: The West Gorordo Hotel (An Essence & Permaculture Inspired Hotel), Elicon House ( A Conservation & Permaculture Inspired Hotel) and The Mayflower Inn ( A Heritage and Permaculture Inspired Hotel). KPAF is a Nature Sanctuary for Life Changing Family Adventures in Leadership, Resilience & Self-Reliance. The KPAF Sanctuary is not open to the public but can be accessed via submission of letter of intent and purpose. The Psychology Volunteers on Bikes has been a long time partner of KPAF and has facilitated various ecological camps at the farm with different groups.

Hunat Sugbo was born at KPAF. The Psychology Volunteers on Bikes facilitates experiential therapies at KPAF like kayaking, biking, mangrove clean-up, planting, seed-hunting, survival and resilience skills. It was in August of 2016, that we started playing softball at KPAF. From that softball clinic, we decided to start a new campaign, borne out of the love for softball and the desire to push for accessible green spaces so that locals can go out, enjoy nature, play games and bond with family.

Hunat Sugbo is a program of the Psychology Volunteers on Bikes: Batting for Resilience (Its time for parks and playgrounds in Cebu). Our first partner is Team Refuge. It was the first time for the girls to play softball. However, their houseparents, Gaga and Gemma played softball in high school. We started off with stretching and warm-up then teaching the girls how to throw and catch inside the farm. After a while their throwing became more powerful, so we had to go out and play  at the adjacent coconut farm. Then we proceed to play three innings. At first, the girls got confused with how the game is played, then later the started to get it. It was a very hot afternoon, lots of running and avoiding the wet cow poo that was littered around our playing field area.

After our game, the kids in the farm wanted to play, so Psych Vols obliged and we were able to form two teams- for the 13 and above and the 13 and below. We did the same drill with the farm kids and we all had so much fun with short interruptions of goats and cows crossing. The kids were given a treat of fresh coconut juice for refreshments by the local coconut farmer.