Hunat Sugbo: Batting for Resilience (Its time for parks and playgrounds in Cebu)

hunat-sugbo-logoThe Psychology Volunteers on Bikes has launched a softball mentoring program called HUNAT SUGBO. We are promoting softball playing as a means of fostering personal leadership and teamwork among at-risk girls and children. We have mentors that teach children the basic softball skills and mentor them in an actual game. On Saturdays, we play at different open fields in Cebu. The sportswear that the children use are donated by kindhearted friends from all over the world.

This program is already being implemented in different children’s homes. We have seen the positive effects of this sports mentoring program on the children’s confidence, perseverance, commitment, and passion. The values they learned in playing the sport are slowly making an impact on their daily lives and relationships.

Through this campaign, we hope to bring to light the need for parks and playgrounds in Cebu. This campaign endeavors to encourage people to go out and be with nature, live healthy lives through exercise and sports, and be in communion with others.