Tindak Sugbo Bike Swap: Lorenzo Dytura


The Psychology Volunteers on Bikes did a bike swap yesterday with Lorenzo Dytura, 80 years of age and a barber, after his bike got broken while passing by the PVoB headquarters at West Gorordo Hotel. We noticed a loud noise outside and saw that his chain plank fell off and that it looked like the bike was not to be used anytime soon until it was seen by a mechanic.

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We offered to fix his bike, so we brought it down to the basement shop. However, after inspecting his bike’s disintegrating condition (basket broken, gear shifters not functioning, broken chain plank and pedal, oversized handlebars, very heavy, and riding posture not upright — basically, a bike that was not good for his age!), we offered him a bike swap with one of the Tindak Sugbo bikes. He was ecstatic and enthusiastically agreed. After fitting and finding the right bike, we tuned up his new bike and gave him bike lights, reflectors, and a bike lock, front basket, back rack, and bell. He was ready to bike more safely (and finally on upright position).

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He happily donated his old bike, so we could fix it and give it to the next deserving bike swap recipient. Because he was a barber, he even offered to cut the hair of the bike mechanics for free, to show his genuine gratitude.


Some people are indeed meant to cross your path at the right moment. He left with a big smile on his face and his new bike in tow. And our hearts? Bursting. 🙂