Psych Vols Attends 1st Cebu Anti-GMO Rice Campaign Meeting

The Psychology Volunteers on Bikes, represented by Volunteer Coordinator, Monica Manluluyo, attended the 1st meeting of the Cebu Anti-GMO Campaign in support of Greenpeace at West Gorordo Hotel last August 4, 2014. It was also attended by representatives from SlowFood International, Bid Ocean, Cebu Free Trade, Mission Cebu, STC, CUSW, YLC and Yoga Sugbo.

The meeting brought together a network of passionate stakeholders from different groups whose advocacies included the fight against Genetically Modified crops. The latest issue regarding GMOs in the Philippines is Golden Corn, threatening the disappearance of organically grown corn in the country. The group aims to spread and foster awareness of these GMOs and to encourage citizens to start their own urban gardens and say NO to GMO. It was brought up in the meeting that growing their own food and looking at the right labels on the products they buy help people minimize the risk of ingesting these genetically modified products. The Cebu Anti-GMO Campaign brings together this network of organizations to achieve the goal of promoting a healthy and sustainable way of life through the ingestion of safe and organic food and food sovereignty.

Representatives from different organizations talk about the Cebu Anti-GMO Campaign at West Gorordo Hotel (8-4-14)