Psychology Volunteers on Bikes core group Mishka Watin, Edna Lee and Monica Manluluyo went to Singapore last June 23-30, 2014 to learn about the sustainable practices of Singapore and the growth of sustainable development in the country.

The Public Utility Board of Singapore, which is in charge of Singapore’s water supply has four national taps to meet the whole country’s demand for water: 1) Rainwater which is stored in the reservoir, 2) Imported water, 3) Desalinated water, and 4) NEWater. NEWater is the brand name given of the reclaimed water produced by the Public Utility Board of Singapore.  The product is potable and is distributed for consumption, but most of the demand for NEWater is that of industries that require high purity water. NEWater currently meets up to 30% of Singapore’s needs, and by 2060, they aim to meet 55% of future water demand.

We visited the NEWater Visitor’s Center to learn about how Singapore sustains their production and supply of water. The technologies involved in the water purification was explained during the interactive guided tour. They treat and purify wastewater through dual-membrane (microfiltration and reverse osmosis) and ultraviolet technologies. We were also able to see Singapore’s different reservoirs and read facts and slogans used in their water conservation campaign. At the end of the tour, we pledged to be NEWater Ambassadors with the duties of informing people about NEWater’s sustainable way of providing water to the country and encouraging them to save water.