Pedal for planet

By Liberty A. Pinili
Sunday, March 16, 2014

ADDRESSING climate change can be fun.

Tindak Sugbo is one of those activities that allow you to get fit and enjoy the sights while showing other people how to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases that cause climate change and global warming.

Tindak Sugbo: Bike for Life (Pedaling for the People, Planet and Future), launched by Pscyhology Volunteers on Bikes and ROX, is a campaign that aims to enlighten, empower and engage the community in sustainable living.

The campaign focuses on the bicycle because it allows people to go to places without burning fossil fuels and emitting pollutants.

Psychology Volunteers on Bikes is part of the lobby to establish bike lanes, sidewalks and equal road sharing.


On March 30, the group will join the Share the Road movement, which proposed to close one side of Gorordo Ave. from the University of the Philippines to the Waterfront Cebu City on Salinas Drive, Cebu City.

In support of Tindak Sugbo, Psychology Volunteers on Bikes and Sun.

Star Cebu will come out every Sunday with an article on climate change and sustainable living.

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