City to call for bike lanes on Earth Hour

By Princess Dawn H. Felicitas
Thursday, March 27, 2014

TO help address climate change, Cebu City will be joining tomorrow’s Earth Hour observance, but this time, the City Government will go beyond the switching off of lights and will use the activity to campaign for the establishment of bike lanes.

This way, the public will be encouraged to use bicycles top help reduce carbon emissions, a big contributor to heating up the planet.

In a news conference yesterday, Councilor Nida Cabrera, who is the chairperson of the City Council’s committee on environment, said there is a need to go beyond the Earth Hour activity to make the city environmentally sustainable.

“We should not only reduce our energy consumption, but also reduce our carbon emission,” she said.

Even after the Earth Hour celebration tomorrow, Cabrera said the City will continue its campaign for the establishment of bike lanes in the city.

Cabrera commended SM City Cebu for already establishing bike racks at their parking area, saying that it is one of the provisions under her proposed bike lane ordinance.

Cabrera said she is hoping that her proposed legislation will be approved by the legislative body on April.

The establishment of bike lanes in the city is supported by the Psychology Volunteers on Bikes.

Monica Manluluyo from the group said biking should be “a weapon of choice” of the public to help address climate change.

Biking, she said, will not also help the environment, but also help the public to be more fit and healthy.

For tomorrow’s Earth Hour observance, SM is the official venue. The activity will be held at the mall’s Northwing parking area from 8:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m.

Cabrera yesterday requested the Association of Barangay Councils, headed by Councilor Philip Zafra, and the establishments in the city to join in the activity.

She said they hope to surpass last year’s power saved, which was 11 megawatts.

Earth Hour is a 60-minute switch-off that started in Sydney, Australia on March 31, 2007. The activity, which is organized by the World Wide Fund, has since spread to 152 countries.

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