Promoting German-Chinese Cooperation for Building Energy Efficiency in China

Last June 5 to 10, 2014, Psychology Volunteers on Bikes External Relations Officer Monica Manluluyo attended the 2014 International Student Conference on Environment and Sustainability. The 6-day conference was held in Tongji University, Shanghai, China where experts on environment, energy, urban development and economy discussed regional and global ecological civilization and green development in the new age together with participants around the world.

Mr. Leng Xiao is the Manager of econet China, German Industry & Commerce Shanghai. During the 2014 International Student Conference on Environment and Sustainability: Symposium on Energy Transition and Climate Change held last June 5, 2014 at Tongji University, Shanghai, China, he talked about promoting German-Chinese cooperation for sustainability in China.

With the growing lack of transparency, market barriers, and lack of awareness towards sustainable solutions, China’s priority is to promote energy efficiency in buildings and sustainable urban development. And since Germany is a world leader in offering innovative sustainable solutions, they are a key partner interested in supporting China in reaching its goals.

Econet china is a non-profit initiative of the German industry, coordinated by the German Industry and Commerce Greater China, for the promotion of Sino-German cooperation for sustainability. They publish a monitor twice each month for the Germans to better understand the Chinese green market. To provide better access to solutions, they offer a network between Chinese and German experts. In the econet academy, decision makers are trained on green technology made in econet Germany. These Chinese decision makers are also sent to Germany for them to experience the best practices on green building.