Suroy sa Plant- and Animal-Friendly Cebu

Thanks for welcoming back-to-school month with us during the last ride! Education should indeed be celebrated by all, because it is a human right and not just a privilege of the few. 

Now, it’s time for another ride!

Since June 5 is World Environment Day, let us visit some environment-friendly spaces in Cebu City. Join us this Sunday, June 8, 2014, in Tindak Sugbo Season 2: Suroy sa Plant- and Animal-Friendly Cebu!

Get to know the whereabouts of plant stores, animal clinics, and urban gardens in the city! Be at the Mayflower Inn at 6AM. There will be free lugaw as usual, and there will be free ice cream after the ride.

If you don’t have bikes, no problem! Bring any valid ID and we will lend you one. See you!