Psych Vols give bike classes to Bike to Work program participants

The Psychology Volunteers on Bikes represented by Monica Manluluyo and Mishka Watin facilitated Tindak Sugbo bike classes to two (2) batches of Bike to Work Program Participants of West Gorordo Hotel, Mayflower Inn, and Elicon House held last June 2 and 3, 2014 at West Gorordo Hotel.

The first half of the bike classes included an introduction to biking lifestyles: (1) the bike as an embarrassingly simple solution to a convergence of crises of the people, the planet, and the future; (2) the global awakening to the benefits of the bicycle; (3) the local awakening in the Philippines and in Cebu to the biking culture and way of life; (4) the bike revolution; (5) the biological, psychological, and social benefits of bicycling; and (6) bike to work programs all over the world.

The second half of the bike classes focused on (1) an introduction to various kinds of bicycles; (2) a brief presentation on the parts of the bicycle; and (3) basic bike tools, maintenance, and repair. The second half focused on making sure the participants are able to take care of their bike and on encouraging people to fix instead of replace, emphasizing the importance of the ethics of care and the disregard for a throwaway culture.

After the classes, bikes were released to the Bike to Work Program Participants.

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