2014 International Student Conference on Environment and Sustainability

Psychology Volunteers on Bikes represented by Volunteer Coordinator Monica Manluluyo, together with 163 students from over 47 countries, attended the 2014 International Student Conference on Environnment and Sustainability at Tongji University Shanghai, China from June 4 to 11, 2014.

The “International Student Conference on Environment and Sustainability (ISCES)” was initiated as an annual event to provide international students with a platform to work together, exchange ideas and understanding on critical environmental issues and create new solutions. Supported and funded by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), Tongji University and Beijing Green Future Environmental Foundation, ISCES has been successfully held in the last three years (2011 and 2012), attracting approximate 400 students from more than 40 countries in the world and making great contributions to the spread of practices and concepts of environment and sustainability.

The theme of 2014 International Student Conference on Environment and Sustainability (ISCES) is “Ecological Civilization and Green Development.”Experts on environment, energy, urban development and economy will discuss regional and global ecological civilization and green development in the new age together with participants around the world.

Monica was in the Food and Health group where she introduced “Kaon Sugbo: Food for Life; Food Sovereignty for People, Planet and Future”.

The 2014 Tongji Global Youth Declaration on Environment and Sustainable Development:

“We, the youth, from 47 countries come together at “2014 International Student Conference on Environment and Sustainability” in Shanghai, China. We believe that we have innovative ideas and abundant energy and capabilities to confront the sustainable development challenges. We are very appreciative towards the vehement support of UNEP, which has taken part in this initiative, along with Tongji University and other co-partners, to create a collaboration of internationalstudents, raising awareness of the importance of consumption and behavior, as driving force for change towards sustainable future, which can be linked to theUnited Nations Millennium Development Goals.

We realize that food security and health status are essential components of human well-being.We encourage the consumer-based decisions to direct the trends of global industry and economy. Green consumption patterns are important not only for increasing individual awareness and behavioral change, but also for influencing eco-friendly urban development and smart cities, a key driver in the transitionto green economy.

We, therefore, urge the global leaders to establish guidelines and launch a global framework to integrate sustainability into decision making, redirect their public investment towards green sectors, create green job opportunities for the youth, enhance the existing knowledge base at grass root level and promote the international cooperation and knowledge sharing, in order to realize the vision of a sustainable future.

We make a strong commitment and assure the global leaders that we will support effortstowards a sustainable world by:

– Promoting advocacy on different environmental, social and climate change issues at local,regional, national and international level;

– Supporting the campaigns on the concept of Environmental Sustainability through Conferences,Workshops, incentive discussions and global cooperation;

– Practicing low carbon activities at the individual level to reduce our carbon footprintsthrough behavior changes;

– Involving actively in raising awareness and education on sustainable development in localcommunity by propagating the concept of ESD.

Today, we, being the youth, are going to be the decision-makers of tomorrow. We believe that the smallest change may cause a radical difference in the future to come.Together, we can create a green and sustainable future, as we are the engine of sustainable development.”


Food & Health group in front of the Medicine Building of Tongji University

Food & Health group in front of the Medicine Building of Tongji University

Closing ceremony of the 2014 ISCES

Closing ceremony of the 2014 ISCES

2014 ISCES Participants

2014 ISCES Participants