Ryan “Rye Kido” Noval

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Ryan “Rye Kido” Noval

Bike Designer and Entrepreneur, Road Revolutionist

39 years old, Mambaling, Cebu City

Founder, Cebu Fixed Gear and Critical Mass Cebu

Ryan Noval aka “Rye Kido” born in Cebu City some 38yrs ago, was raised in Mambaling until his family left for the USA in 1987. He was educated in the public education system in the USA, has a passion for architectural and liberal arts, he excelled in drafting classes since and all throughout high school. Living in Northridge, California had great opportunities about suburb living and city living. During the 1994 Northridge earthquake he 1st experienced volunteer work with the American RED CROSS, digging out trapped and helpless animals at the age of 20. Shortly after that, he has volunteered in feeding programs at homeless shelters like the LA Mission located in the heart of downtown Los Angleles, CA. He was accepted into the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising, Los Angeles as an Interior Design student where he made “Dean’s List” for scholastic excellence in 1994-1995. His school projects were displayed at South Coast Plaza mall in Costa Mesa, CA as part of the school’s promotional display for most innovative student designs. He specialized in kitchen and bathroom design, remodeling and construction working for various home improvement stores until focusing on ECO-Interior design and construction in 2002. Has been involved and worked side by side with environmental leaders in the design and construction field, resulting in acquiring approval from the USGBC, FSC, ASID, CARB and other environmental governing bodies. His company had a 6 month long collaboration with Eric Lloyd Wright and Associates, Frank Lloyd Wright foundation. He had long term projects with RE-Think, REASE Eco-brokers, DWELL Magazine, EpoxyGreen and many eco-aware companies in the greater Los Angeles area. During this time, he helped build an eco-concious furniture and cabinet factory in Tijuana, Mexico with more eco-projects in Costa Rica and Baja California. This eco-existence also exposed him to the biking culture in Los Angeles, having moved closer to the beach areas of Venice Beach and Santa Monica. A beckoning call rang when his parents needed help with family business in the Philippines, early 2010. Being the eldest and the only boy of 3 siblings, he took the opportunity to take a break from LA’s hectic lifestyle. Here in Cebu, he brings with him the “idea” of Critical Mass, originally a bike group from San Francisco who originated MASS RIDES to bring awareness to the automotive culture, he has now infused the idea of riding amass in Cebuano-American style.

“I am fighting for equality and respect from the car culture and now finding the need to shift a paradigm in order to favor pedestrians, bikers, skaters, all free-energy users and a greater interest for better living in my old “mother land”. A bona fide “road revolutionary” since June 12th, 2011, I chose to live in Cebu, car free and my weapon of choice is the BICYCLE… My inspiration in providing a legacy of a cleaner-healthier world is my one year-old daughter.”