Pereger Canin

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Pereger Odilio Canin

Bike to Work Advocate

38 years old, Labangon, Cebu City

Cebu Vintage Bicycle Club

I started cycling at an early age. I remember my 1st sweet ride was on a trike that my parents bought. My 2nd bicycle experience was the coaster type bike w/ banana saddle that my grandpa built for his bicycle rental shop business in the small coastal village in 1982. It was my nanny who held the banana saddle guiding me until I found the right balance.Then my 2nd bike came in 1983, the boom of the BMX culture. My first brush with the BMX culture was through my cousins, and when a friend came with a Hutch bike, I thought it was the most magnificent bicycle ever built.

I started biking to work on the month after my 1st job in the BPO industry. I decided to get a bike and ride my bicycle to work for convenience & to help alleviate the traffic.

“It’s fun braving the congested pathways and the weather (grime & smog included), and the fitness is just a complement. Also, the freedom that you can get on a bicycle is as magnificent as liking and loving what you do best without all the politics and drama! Yes, the sweat in my brow is just as perfect as a cup of coffee in the early sunrise.”