Community Transformative Leadership Awards

The Earth Day Green Festival is an annual activity of West Gorordo Hotel that aims to bring together like-minded people to promote a greener lifestyle. The theme for this year’s festival was “Nurturing Resilient Communities”. After the two disasters (the 7.2 magnitude earthquake in October and Yolanda in November) that struck the Visayas, the organizers found it most appropriate to show and share simple and doable solutions with the following major topics:  healthy lifestyle, local food security, sustainable shelter, renewable energy, sustainable and egalitarian mobility, healthy mind and heart and didactic recycled arts and craft.

In recognition of their ENVIRONMENTAL ACTIVISM in promoting the BICYCLE as a weapon for MITIGATING CLIMATE CHANGE, the Psychology Volunteers on Bikes core group – Edna Lee (co-founder), Mishka Watin (co-founder) and Monica Manluluyo (Volunteer Coordinator) were given the Community Transformative Leadership Award “Higala sa Kalikupan” last April 26, 2014 during the 2nd Annual Earth Day Festival of West Gorordo Hotel.

The other awardees were Jay Garganera of Tindak Bisdak Cebu Folding Bike Society and Jeanne Torrefranca of Dragonfly Home Studio. Last year’s awardees were Atty. Gloria Estenzo-Ramos (Defender & Advocate of the Natural Environment), Dr. Rhodora Bucoy (Defender & Advocate of Women’s Rights), and Rye Kido (Friend of the Community & Advocate of the Common Good).