Tatak UP

Psychology Volunteers on Bikes co-founder, Edna Lee, was awarded for her work and advocacy on sustainable development. Before founding PVOB, Edna has been working with the Permaculture Society of the Philippines. Permaculture is a simple way of redesigning life in accordance with nature, and as a Permaculture Designer and Practitioner, Edna has applied the Permaculture principles to the trio of green hotels (The Mayflower Inn, West Gorordo Hotel and Elicon House) that she stewards.

The Tatak UP Awards is  a recognition given every two years to selected UP alumni from any unit of the UP System, including the high school, who are based in Cebu, and who stand out in their respective fields of expertise and have in return made a positive impact and have demonstrated a social conscience in the any of the following fields: law, public service and governance, business and entrepreneurship, arts, design and culture, science and technology, education, public health and medicine, media and communication, and social change and advocacy such as (a) poverty alleviation and human development, (b) peace and social cohesion, (c) gender equality or women empowerment, (d) community empowerment, (e) environmental conservation and sustainable development, and (f) institutional or corporate social responsibility.

Nominees must stand out in their field of expertise and have in return made a positive impact and demonstrated social conscience in their fields. Nominations to the awards were opened last September 2013 and 21 alumni were chosen to be awarded the Tatak UP symbol, an Oblation statuette, by the Search and Awards Committee chaired by Dr. Lelani Echaves-Paredes.

Previous awardees include Gov. Hilario Davide III, Dr. Ma. Virginia Abalos from Chong Hua Hospital, Isolde Amante from SunStar, Atty. Rose Versoza from GMA, and Connie Fernandez from the Philippine Daily Inquirer.

Psychology Volunteers on Bikes co-founder, Edna Lee (first row, fourth from the right)

Psychology Volunteers on Bikes co-founder, Edna Lee, standing at the first row, fifth from the right, beside the woman in red

from SunStar Daily Newspaper

Thinking aloud

Lelani P. Echaves

Sunday, January 26, 2014

THREE artists, three engineers, three lawyers, three educators, three medical doctors, one writer, one economist, one police woman, and one media practitioner and–just before you think there’s a fixation on three’s and one’s–two advocates of environment and sustainability.

They total 21, all recipients of the “Tatak U.P. Award” this year.

Their baccalaureate or graduate degrees from U.P. defined their field of work and specialization, and eventually where they carved their names in their chosen profession. But a record of giving back to the community distinguished them from other nominees, and so defined them as noteworthy recipients of the “Tatak U.P. Award,” symbolized by the Oblation statuette.

So here they are. The artists: Javy Villacin, Mariano Vidal, and Errol (a.k.a. Budoy) Marabiles. The engineers: Zoilo Cortes, Virgilio Abellana and William “Wally” Christopher Liu. The lawyers: Manuel S. Go, Jasmine S. Oporto and Ian Manticajon. The educators: Dr. Rhodora Bucoy, Dr. Hope Yu, and Dr. Sofia Logarta. The doctors: Crispin Diaz, Jesusito Zubiri and Gaudencio Hermosisima (Posthumous award); and Dr. Erlinda K. Alburo, the writer; Dr. Florian Alburo, the economist; Ma. Theresa Mactangay, the policewoman; Michelle P. So, the media practitioner; and May Segura-Ybañez and Edna Lee, the advocates for environment and sustainability, respectively.

Of the 21 awardees, five are for the category Arts, Design and Culture (Erlinda Alburo, Hope Yu, Javy Villacin, Errol Marabiles and Mariano Vidal.

Two are for Law (Manuel S. Go and Jasmine Oporto); two for Business and Entrepreneurship (Florian Alburo and Wally Liu); and two for Science and Technology (Zoilo Cortes and Virgilio Abellana).

One is for Public Service (Ma. Theresa Macatangay); one is for Education (Sofia Logarta); and one for Media and Communication (Michelle So).

Four are for Social Change and Advocacy (Rhodora Bucoy for gender equality and women empowerment, Ian Manticajon for community empowerment, May Ybañez for environmental conservation, and Edna Lee for sustainability development).

Three are for Public Health and Medicine (Crispin Diaz, Jesusito Zubiri and Gaudencio Hermosisima).

The awardees are among the nominees for the “Tatak U.P.” search that started in August 2013. Launched in 2011, the award is given out every two years to alumni who are either based in Cebu, or regularly do business or render service in Cebu.

Qualified for nomination are U.P. graduates; those who must have earned at least 30 units of collegiate/graduate degree; non-UP graduates among the faculty who have taught for at least five years within the U.P. System; those who finished short-term courses in any U.P. program; or for those in medicine, those who completed at least three years of studies.

Nominees must stand out in their field of expertise and have in return made a positive impact and demonstrated social conscience in their fields.

U.P. alumni who had already been recognized in previous years by other UP awarding groups within the UP System were exempted from nominations for “Tatak U.P.”

Keynote speaker at this Wednesday’s awarding ceremonies is Cebu Gov. Hilario Davide III who himself received the “Tatak U.P.” award in 2011.