Suroy sa Disaster Services

Suroy sa Disaster-Ready Cebu

Last week’s Earth Day Festival ride was a blast! Here’s the next one!

This Sunday’s ride is a tribute to the victims and survivors of Yolanda PH (Typhoon Haiyan, November 8, 2014), 6 months after (May 8).

Hopefully we will be able to gather pledges of support for the remaining survivors, as well as for the People Surge Movement, which is a multi-sectoral alliance, trying to petition for help from the government. Six months after the disaster, there are still no proper rehabilitation and rebuilding programs for the Yolanda victims and survivors in Eastern Visayas.

Join us this Sunday, May 4, 2014 as we scour through the streets and locate establishments and organizations ready to help us come disasters! Join us for a ride around a disaster-ready Cebu! Meetup is at 6AM at the Mayflower Inn. See you!