DYRC Radio Guesting on Road Sharing

The Psychology Volunteers on Bikes core members – Edna Lee , Mishka Watin and Monica Manluluyo – were the radio talk show guests of Atty Liza Osorio at DYRC. Today’s topic focused on the Petition filed in the Supreme Court Demanding for implementation of the Road Sharing Law. Road Sharing means that “those with less in wheels will have more in road”. At present, less than 2% of the Philippine population own cars and 98% do not have cars. So, how come the government allocates the roads for the 2% of the population and not the majority? We call out to Cebuanos, lets not make another Manila- lets reclaim our streets – lets WALK, BIKE, SKATE. On March 30, the Department of Public Works and Highways, has proclaimed that day as National Roads Sharing Day in four cities – Pasig, San Juan, Iloilo and Cebu. Let us all go out on that day and occupy our streets.

Mishka Watin, co-founder of Psychology Volunteers on Bikes, and Monica Manluluyo, Volunteer Coordinator, talk about biking and the biological, psychological and social advantages of Road Sharing.Edna Lee, co-founder of the Psychology Volunteers on Bikes, makes a stand on the movement. (L-R) Edna Lee, Monica Manluluyo, Atty. Liza Osorio of Philippine Earth Justice Center and UC College of Law, and Mishka Watin.