3rd Batch Yolanda Relief: Bantayan Island

Psychology Volunteers on Bikes represented by Edna Lee together with the Wortman Family Volunteers made an unscheduled trip to Bantayan Island as the first batch of donations they collected in Singapore arrived in Cebu. They personally volunteered with Psychology Volunteers on Bikes and distributed their collected relief goods in the towns of Madridejos and Bantayan in Bantayan Island.

Friends who are from foreign lands currently living in Singapore
collection point of donations: Singapore

Manuela (France)
Ani (Armenia)
Gayane (Armenia)
Ling (China & UK)
Murali (India)
Sudhakar (India)
Hilda (Singapore)
Melanie (Australia) & neighbors
Joy (Singapore)
Susan (Singapore)
Craig (NJ, USA)
Kim & Jasmine (Cebu, Phils.)
Josephene (Manila,Phils.)
Cheryl (Manila, Phils.)
Pei-yean (Malaysia)
Fely (Ilocos, Phils.)
Joy (Ilocos, Phils.)
Sassi (Negros Oriental, Phils.)
Hiromi (Japan)
Judith (Cebu, Phils.)
Cynthia (Singapore)
Rob (Australia)
Soo (South Korea)
Karen (UK) & neighbors
Janet & Anda Family (Mexico)

Food donations from
Valerie Powell (BC, Canada)
Shirley Wortman (BC, Canada)
Josephene & Cheryl (Manila, Phils.)
Ling Zhuo & Family (China & UK)

Medicine donations from
Bas Dekker & Family (The Netherlands)
Misa & Masato Imai (Japan)
A Family from Toronto


1476067_188341581371363_226207683_nSome of the damages in Bantayan Island



1511303_188495731355948_773157043_nWith the Wortman family in distributing relief goods to the people of Bantayan Island