10th Maharlika Sunrise Festival

November 22 – 24, 2013

  • Bike for Life: Pedaling for the People, Planet and Future Bike Awareness Booth (Nov 22-24, Friday to Sunday)
  • Run, Bike and Skate Assembly: 5 AM at the Capitol Building Route: Capitol Building to Plaza Independencia (Nov 23, Saturday)

The Sunrise Festival is a celebration of arts for service and blessedness held annually in the different regions of Maharlika (Philippines).

Cebu as the venue and organizer of Sunrise 2013 decided to have the theme “Healthy you, Healthy Cebu”. A long process of defining what is healthy you and heahty Cebu took place. Healthy You – means individual wholistic health (physical, mental, emotional, aesthetic and spiritual) That is why our build up activities are mostly health programs… in these ways, we were able tap people who will support Sunrise 2013. Healthy Cebu – Involving different sectors in workshops, meetings, small group discussions, we picture out Unhealthy and healthy Cebu. Definitely it s not only physical and individual health. It is the wide range of Political, Economic and Socio-Cultural Dimensions of the Society that we diagnosed. The Sunrise Festival, the first multifaceted roving national festival, is a celebration of arts held annually in the different regions of the Philippines. A collaborative effort among professionals and upcoming artists in the country. The National Sunrise Festival organized by Maharlika Artists and Writers Federation (MAWF) or Maharlika, is the first multifaceted culture-based roving arts and writers festival held annually in the different regions of the Philippines.