Turn Over Ceremony at MOP

The Psychology Volunteers on Bikes, represented by core members Daryl Mishka Watin, Monica Gloria Manluluyo and Edna Lee held a Turn Over Ceremony of the Padded Play Nooks to the Missionaries of the Poor at Sawang Calero, Cebu City last Saturday, Oct. 12, 2013. The idea of a Padded Play Nook was started last January by Miss University of the Philippines Cebu 2013 Winner, Francesca Fernandez. She donated her pageant prize to the project and became the seed money and inspiration to continue the project. The Missionaries of the Poor serve children with cerebral palsy, down syndrome and other disabilities. The padded play nooks is a safe place to play with the children and to provide them with sensory experiences. The centre welcomes volunteers from Cebu and other countries. If you wish to volunteer please contact the center. There are many volunteers from Denmark and The Netherlands. You will learn a lot from the kids, it’s really fun and heartwarming.

turnover 3
The sign of the Padded Play Nooks designed by Mishka Watin

turnover 4
Checking out the padded nooks before the turn over. All seems to be done well.

turnover 1With Missionaries of the Poor Cebu Steward – Bro. Rowel Gumalay, the kids
and John Conway, a biker friend

turnover 2Volunteers hanging out with the kids after the ceremony