Tindak Sugbo: Bike for Life Press Con

The event converges and celebrates local Cebuano bike culture that encompasses biking for sustainability, creativity, health, sport and recreation, culture, work, livelihood and technology sponsored by R.O.X. Different bike groups will be represented for each bike culture, including Critical Mass Cebu, Psychology Volunteers on Bikes, Tindak Bisdak Folding Bikes Society, Cebu Vintage Bicycle Club, Bike and Talk Friendship Club, Cebu Fixed Gear, KSHAG, Cebu Low Riders Club, and Cebu Extreme Bikers’ Union. Local Cebuano bike culture icons are represented from various disciplines, fashion, art, eco-awareness and advocacies. Unique bicycles are displayed ranging from recumbent, folding, vintage, bamboo, customized, tandem, road, mountain bike, fixie, unicycle, slidy and japanese bikes.