Haruhay Fest

March 16, 2013

“Haruhay” is a cebuano word that comes closest to the word “livable.”

Traditionally it means:
• well provided for life’s needs
• happy and comfortable
• surrounded by nature’s beauty and bounty

A Livable Cebu may thus be referred to as “Haruhay nga Sugbo.”

This event is a culminating activity of the UP-Cebu Psych 101 (Intro to Psych) and Psych 155 (Abnormal Psych).

The unified event for the two Psych classes is called “Haruhay Fest,” with the theme: “Transforming Learning into Life.” The goal of this event is to create a fertile ground where the learning (research projects of students) is shared with the community that becomes enlightened, empowered and engaged. We are using the human rights approach that Livability is a Quality of Life, Well-being and Mental Health Issue. The purpose is not just to awaken the public that Livability is a human rights issue, but especially to propose and highlight simple and doable solutions that lead to livability in our city. In line with the longstanding tradition and culture of UP, we believe this event will contribute to enabling Civil Society to demand a livable city.

The two Psych classes will organize a program which includes: biking, zumba, photo exhibits, power point presentations, livability talks, games and trivia.